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This treatment is the ultimate control of hay fever symptoms and can last throughout the whole season.

If you have tried all the traditional remedies and still suffering, this is the next step.

What happens?

After your consultation and consent you will receive an injection of Kenalog in the upper outer quadrant of your buttock.

Can’t I have the injection on my arm?

No. This is deep injection, therefore has to be given in a big muscle to ensure proper absorption.

Is there any downtime?

There shouldn’t be. Almost everyone can go back to their daily activities immediately afterwards

When will I notice the results?

Some people get benefits within a few hours, others within a few days.

Will I need to have more than 1 treatment?

Some people do. You can have up to 3 injections in the 1 season if needed

How much does it cost?

Each injection is £45.