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Clinical Training Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Complete Botulinum toxin A training

Providing education on all uses of Botulinum Toxin A training treatments. Covering all the necessary **anatomy & physiology. **Law & legislation; **infection control; **consent; **complications; **client centres care; **documentation; & …

AESTHETICS Hyperhidrosis Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Botox Injections in the Neck The Nefertiti Lift

The Nefertiti Lift is named after the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who lived during 14th Century BC and was well known for her distinct and elegant jawline. The Nefertiti Lift is …

AESTHETICS Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Wrinkle relaxing treatments are ideal for when you want to look less tired or make subtle and effective changes to your appearance. These micro injections are a safe and effective …