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Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

Treatments; clients can cancel or reschedule their appointment within 24hr without incurring any charge. All clients should receive a reminder 24 hours prior to their appointment, therefore have plenty of time to cancel or reschedule within 24hr. I will do my best to arrange a new, agreed appointment with the client. Things happen, and changes to appointments are often needed.

A deposit will be required at the time of booking. This may vary depending on the cost of the treatment. But it will be a minimum of 50%

Cancellation beyond 24hr will incur a 50% charge, or 50% will be added to their next treatment charge.

For clients who fail to show without prior notification, full treatment charge will be incurred.

Training: students who have booked training and have to reschedule or cancel at any time will loss their deposit. Cancellation or rescheduling within 4 weeks will incur a 50% charge. If numerous rescheduling has been offered and the student ultimately cancels completely, no refund is offered. A time limit of 6 months is now in place to agree a date to complete training. There can be no guarantee training slots can be allocated beyond 6 months. If training has not been completed within 1 year of booking, then the student has to rebook and repay in full.

These changes have been difficult for me to implement. I personally don’t like at all when I have been charged for having to cancel or reschedule appointments. However, I cannot continually make accommodation for clients and students, and they still fail to keep appointments.

I hope you understand these decisions have not been implemented easily.


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