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This new facial care from Feature Flawless offers a 4 step noninvasive approach to enhance and improve the tone, texture and condition of your skin.

What’s involved?

Step 1. A mild chemical peel is applied to provide a reasonable chemical exfoliation. Nothing too intense, but sufficient to ensure the dead epidermal skin cells are eradicate.

Step 2. Application of rich collagen skin boosters using Nano-brasion approach. This infuses and replaces the intra-dermal layer of skin with intense collagen, replacing lost and supporting existing natural collagen.

Step 3. Ultra sound to tighten and lift the treated areas. This non-invasive procedure provides heat through low energy waves, which is the gold standard in non surgical lifting, it also stimulates your body’s natural collagen.

Step 4. Application of a collagen rich mask, and the use of LED photon light therapy.

The treatment is finished with a facial massage using collagen serums and moisturisers.

This complete and comprehensive treatment is a must to maintain a youthful, beautiful complexion. For best results a monthly treatment over 3 months is recommended

Duration 1hr.30mins

Cost. £85

£40 deposit required. Non refundable if you cancel

Downtime. None

Who isn’t suitable?

  • Those on acne medication
  • Those with skin infections, including cold sores
  • Those undergoing medical treatments, including chemotherapy
  • Pregnant or lactating mums

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