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We are all to aware of the importance of hand hygiene, especially since the days of Covid!.

However, much of this hygiene has taken its toll on the condition off our hands. To the effect that they are often very dry, itchy, red, and old before they should be.

Our hands are one of the hardest working parts of our bodies, and are often overlooked when it comes to taking proper care of them. So, isn’t it about time we rectify this?

Getting our nails done once or twice can be expensive , and does give us beautiful finger tips. However, when the rest of our hands look tired and dull, the whole effect isn’t appreciated.

So book your Hand Care and rescue your hands today.

What do you get?

Well, a relaxing time, where

*your hands are cleansed,

*you receive an oxygen hand peel

*enjoy some nano-brasion with anti-ageing

*hand and forearm massage using delicious #FrshFced products.

Duration 30 minutes

Cost £30

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