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Cryo-Sticks are made with medical grade stainless steel and store maximum thermal
energy, ensuring cold is diffused in contact with the skin. Their ergonomic form mold to the
contours of the skin, enabling them to work effectively on every area of the face, including even delicate skin areas like the eyes.

Cryo-Sticks lowers the skin’s temperature immediately, therefore limiting vasodilatation
and promoting vasoconstriction. Dermal blood circulation is regulated and redness disappears,
making these great for soothing stress and skin problems derived from it.

Cryo sticks B&W

In addition to its soothing properties, the application of cold to the skin has a draining,
decongestant, and firming effect. The cold sensation is picked up by receptors in the skin,
causing a “goose bump” phenomenon, which stimulates nerve cells in the skin and has a
tightening effect on the epidermis.

Who is it most suitable for?

Although this treatment can be used by anyone, the cold therapy is used to treat a variety of skin conditions including;



*and psoriasis.

It reduces



*and minimizes pores by diminishing swollen tissue and broken capillaries.  It has draining, decongesting, de-puffing, and firming effects, and assists with the delivery of products, allowing them to penetrate
deeper into the pores. Used properly, it can help you achieve clearer, more radiant skin.

What do you get:

Following you skin consultation you will receive:

  1. Cleanse. This may be either cream or exfoliation cleanse, which will be agreed at your consult. Use of warm cloth application to start the vaso-dilation process.
  2. The hydra Pen intense treatment begins. Using the serums/ products agreed at consult, the pen will be filled with these and the facial will begin. These may include anti-ageing, wrinkle improving, skin glowing,, skin rejuvenation ( combating tired , dull skin)..
  3. There should be no need for numbing agents, but regular checks from your practitioner will ensure you are relaxed and enjoying the treatment
  4. Application of a sheet face mask, again decided at consult, but may include, vitamin hydration mask, collagen stimulation mask, aloe Vera cooling mask, to mention a few.
  5. LED photon light therapy to enhance your skin and complexion
  6. Use of serums/oil and moisturiser from


Consultation 10mins

Facial 30 mins

Downtime .. none

Cost £65

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