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These training opportunities are available to address gaps that may have been missing from your initial training. Or for those of you who have been absent from your work place, perhaps due to illness, or family demands. Or for those of you who wish to consolidate your skills.

They will be offered on an individual basis, and together we will tailor your needs to develop your skills and enhance your business.

They can include things like:

Dermal filler: * cannula work * Advanced filler techniques ( excluding non surgical rhinoplasty), * Recognition & management of a vascular occlusion * Recognition & management of anaphylactic reaction

Botulinum Toxin A : * Nefertiti technique, * Hyperhidrosis

Any combination of techniques can be discussed and a personalised program put together.

Cost: £100 per technique ( max of 5)

Duration 1 day

Pre-requisites Must already be a trained practitioner. Must be able to show certificates of previous training. Must be able to bring a model.

All models will be charged £100 to cover product costs.

Feature Flawless Clinical Training
Cosmetic Approved Trainer
CPD approved courses

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