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A combination these treatments, can achieve lower face and neck rejuvenation:

This comprehensive treatment combines a series of individual treatments to create the best outcome for you lower face and neck. Following your consultation you can expect some, or all of the following:

1- Lipolysis: Reducing pouches of excess fat that has accumulated around the lower face will give you the best start to this Rx. Using Deso Face ( Kybella), in all the required areas will sculpt your lower face & jaw line.

2-Skin tightening. With the use of fractional RF, precision application of the radio frequency can produce tightening of the specific area being treated. This is an important step in the combo plan, as often laicity of the neck skin can be more obvious following lipolysis.

3- Nefertiti ( relaxing platysma bands). using botulinum toxin to relax the pull from the strong platysma bands, which can contribute to formation of jowls, ageing neck and downward projection of the oral commissures ( mouth corners). Relaxing these bands enforces the facial muscles to pull upwards.

4-Restoration of volume: Restoring volume to the mid face results in a lifting effect, as well as contouring and improved mid face definition.

5- Jawline redefined. : redefining your jawline can give you a sculptured look. The secret is to ensure females do not appear masculinised, and males have a much more enhanced contoured appearance.


Lipolysis £75 ( may required more than 1 session)

Fractional RF £ 100 ( per session)

Neferitit £250

Mid face restoration ( cheek filler) £250

Jawline defining £200 ( per ml of filler)

Duration: over the course of 2/3 weeks

Downtime minimal ( may have some mild bruising)

Beautiful neck & lower face

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