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The Nefertiti Lift is named after the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who lived during 14th Century BC and was well known for her distinct and elegant jawline.

The Nefertiti Lift is a new technique using Botox to redefine the jawline and soften marionette lines on the neck, counteracting the effects of ageing, loss of elasticity and of course gravity. The treatment consists of botulinum ( Botox), being injected along the lower jawline and the platysma muscles in the neck area, providing an uplifting effect to the neck and jaw area. By relaxing the muscles the facial muscles create an upward pull, reducing the sagginess of the areas.

Injection points
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The Nefertiti Lift works by using a series of injections along the jawline, and into a muscle in the neck, known as the platysma. This relaxes the downward pulling muscles and allows the muscles in the upper face to pull the tissue upwards, creating a lifting effect

Cost £300 ( depends on volume of product required)

Duration 30 minutes

Downtime – none

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