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Skin peels, sometimes known as chemical peels, are the ultimate in chemical exfoliation. They can contribute to 25% of the income of any beauty salon. The excellent profit margins makes it an essential service to your business.

Why offer this?

Skin peels can be offered to clients who have ongoing issues with acne. Clients who have pigmentation problems. Clients who are looking for a glowing , rejuvenated complexion.

Which types of peels will you be taught in?

There are a variety of peels available, and during this training you will be exposed to them all ( with the exception of phenol peels). They include glycolic, mandelic, ascorbic acid and salicylic acid peels. Learn how to assess your client’s skin and the decision making process involved in deciding the most appropriate peel, and combination of strengths that are suitable for best results.

Duration 1 Day


MUST have a background in nursing/ aesthetic practitioners/ beauty level 4/ aesthetician.

Cost: £300

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