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Who is this course suitable for?

Beauty therapist, Aestheticians, aesthetic practitioners, salon owner, spa owner, massage therapists.

This is now considered to be part of every beauty shops’ services. This amazing treatment is profitable, suitable for almost everyone to have and can be offered every few weeks. Also can be part of other facial treatments. Use it to develop your own bespoke facial, allowing your business to stand out from the crowd.

Includes starter kit

You will learn about:

*Law & legislation

*Infection control

*Heath & Safety

*Risk assessment


*Anatomy & Physiology

*Step-by-step procedure

During the course there will be an ongoing observational process carried out by you assessor, for which you must achieve 50% pass. You will have an end of course MCQ to complete, which you will be expected to achieve 80% pass mark. You can use your manual as a reference for this and you have 45 minutes to complete. You must show competency by completely 3 case studies after your training.

This course is approved by CPD & ABT and you will be awarded a CPD and a Feature Flawless certificate on completion.

Duration 1 day

Price £250

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