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What is skin tag removal?

Skin tags are small brown or flesh-coloured growths (usually a few millimeters to 5cm in size) that hang from the surface of your skin. They are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin, and can look like warts or raised bumps. Although skin tags are common they are completely harmless, and they do not usually cause any pain or discomfort. However, they can snag on clothing or jewellery and bleed as a result, and can also lower your self esteem.

What causes skin tags?

Skin tags can affect both men and women. They most commonly occur where the skin folds or creases (most commonly on the neck, armpits, around the groin or under the breasts) and are more likely to affect people who are overweight for this reason. Skin tags can be hereditary, and people who have type 2 diabetes or are pregnant are also more prone to them. Some people can also develop them for no apparent reason.

They are easily resolved using fibroblast/ plasma technology

Following your consultation, you will be advcied of the best next step.

Prices from £50 per session.

Several sessions may be required.

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