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Wrinkle relaxing treatments are ideal for when you want to look less tired or make subtle and effective changes to your appearance. These micro injections are a safe and effective way to reduce lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, and other areas of the face.

Remarkably they can also smooth muscles in the neck, narrow a wide jaw, soften a dimpling chin and even gently lift the corners of the mouth?

In professional expert hands wrinkle relaxing injections create subtle reductions in fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more attractive appearance. The only obvious change is that you look great – well rested, relaxed and healthy.

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Price list:

1 area £120 ( eg forehead)

2 areas £160 ( eg forehead & frown lines)

3 areas £220 ( eg forehead, frown lines & crows lines)

4 areas £240 ( eg forehead, frown lines, crows lines & bunny lines)

5 areas £270 ( eg forehead, frown lines, crows lines, bunny lines, brow lift)

6 areas: £300 ( all of the above plus, smokers lines or lip flip)

£50 deposit required. Non refundable

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